Corporate Governance


Kina Asset Management Limited (KAM) has adopted an approach to Corporate Governance that seeks to meet globally accepted market practice. The Board ensures that it complies with the requirements of the PNG Stock Exchange (PNGX). It also closely monitors developments in corporate governance principles and practice in other countries and, where appropriate, revises the Company’s Corporate Governance framework to address these. KAM is mindful of the advantages of demonstrating to investors that its corporate governance standards meet the requirements expected of companies listed in countries such as Australia. This Corporate Governance Statement therefore refers to the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles and Recommendations 3rd Edition (the ASX Corporate Governance Principles). The Board of KAM is cognisant of its responsibilities to shareholders. The underlying tenet of KAM’s Corporate Governance framework is to ensure that KAM deals fairly and openly with all its stakeholders.

Key Corporate Governance Documents
KAM Corporate Governance Statement
KAML Constitution
KAML1 Constitution

Board Charter
Audit and Risk Committee Charter

Code of Conduct for Directors Policy
Code of Corporate Conduct
Conflict of Interest Policy
Continuous Disclosure Policy
KAML Securities Trading Policy